Professional Boxer Breeders     

We raise our boxers in our home.  They get lots of love & daily attention!  We do not sell our dogs to pet stores.

I have two beautiful female fawn AKC sired boxers.  They have white on the tips of their toes, black mask, and flash on their chest.

They have great personalities!  Just love to play & give lots of kisses.  They are excellent with children & families of all ages. 

Boxers are a natural show- off.  Many boxers excel at conformation, agility, and obedience events held in conjunction with AKC shows.

Boxers origins date back to 2500 BC.Germany in the 19th century is known for developing the breed that we know today.

The boxer is a medium sized dog.  A small female boxer ranges in size from 21.5 inches to 25 inches & weighs between 50 to 60 lbs.  The males range from 25 inches & more in height & weighs 65 to 80 lbs.  They are a short haired dog & in two acceptable colors of fawn & brindle.  The white should not exceed 1/3 of the entire coat.  There are white boxers, however the AKC members pledge not to use them for breeding.

They require low maintenance.  They clean themselves daily. Need toenails trimmed as required.  Yearly check-ups & vaccinations as per your vet recommendations.  They are your best source.

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